Pathfinder Metrics

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Metrics are parameters or measures of quantitative assessment used for measurement, comparison, or to track performance or production.

Don’t panic!  We will not bombard you with calculations.  This blog will offer more than just game analyses.  You can find character builds, damage calculation tools, character evaluation tools and fun encounters and gameplay ideas that you can easily add to your adventure.

The Beginning

My gaming experience started 22 years ago with the introduction of a ground-breaking game by Blizzard North called Diablo.  Blizzard would go on to release several franchise games and become one of the pioneers for cooperative online game play.  But we’re not here to sing the praises of Blizzard Entertainment …

Diablo was released at a time when the internet was still young, Google wasn’t a word yet, there was no social media, and you had to figure out a game the old fashioned way – by playing it and observing.

The Rise of Hard Core

Diablo had a cult-like community of followers that frequented what was then known as the Diablo Strategy Forum.  Here players discussed their adventuring accomplishments and offered advice to new players.  

Many ideas of how the game worked were theorized and tested in endless in-game experiments, and many “challenges” were created to measure a player’s mettle.

met┬Ětle  – a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

One of these challenges that was created in the forums and later became adopted in future releases was a method of play called Hard Core. You started a new game with three fellow adventurers, and did not stop playing until you died – and death was permanent. 

The Obsession

This was the beginning of my game analysis “obsession”.  The desire to take a game and study how it works, and then develop fun ways to push the limits to accomplish my own internal challenges.

This obsession continued into numerous computerized games over the next decade or so until I hung up the proverbial “mouse and keyboard” after the World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm.

The Introduction to Pathfinder

A couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to Pathfinder.  After a couple of game-play sessions I was once again hooked.  This was a game I instantly understood – it had so many similarities to numerous computer games.  In fact, many computer games modelled their game-play mechanics from Dungeons and Dragons, however the computer did the dice rolling in fractions of a second and hundreds of times a second.

I had found an outlet for my “obsession” that was safer for my personal life than video gaming.

I was a little late to the table as Dungeons and Dragons had been widely played for decades, but I took the plunge and joined the cult of “nerds” throwing their dice around trying to rid Golarian of evil – or good (if you are playing an evil campaign).

Why are we here?

My goal with this blog is to share my ideas, as well as others that I have learned, with new and experienced Pathfinder players who are interested in trying to push the envelope of what is possible.

This is not so much a min-max approach, but rather an open-minded approach.  We should not be limited in our imagination.  If you want to play a shape-changing Druid with a touch of Monk and Ranger, then you should!

We are not required to be optimal – the only requirement is enjoyment.